Kidnappings on the rise in South Africa

Tershia de Klerk on Newzroom Afrika – who is at risk and more.

Representing National Freedom Network, our director Tershia De Klerk, Human Rights Advocate, Steve Letsike, and Asjiki Coalition for the Decriminalisation Of Sex Work’s Constance, speak about the legalisation of sex work in South Africa on Newzroom Afrika DSTV Channel 405

Founder and Managing Director of The Joseph Movement NPC and also spokesperson for the National Freedom Network, Tershia De Klerk speak about Human Trafficking and what it really looks like globally on Newzroom Afrika DSTV Channel 405

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Managing Director of The Joseph Movement, Tershia de Klerk, gives us a brief overview of The Organisation, Combatting Human Trafficking and her personal testimony that catapulted her from 15 years of working at Non Profit Organisations in Missions & Pro-Life Spheres, to exposing and educating people about Human Trafficking, also known as Modern-Day Slavery.

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Clive Human has been providing counselling and giving talks for the past 25 years about Pornography. Clive is an expert in the field of Pornography and it’s affects on society. He started Standing Together to Oppose Pornography (S.T.O.P) after being addicted to pornography himself. He gives a short testimony about a paedophile sexually abusing him as a preschooler and how the pornography use already started from age 11. Watch this incredible interview and see how Pornography directly links to Human Trafficking.

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The discussion touches on Human Trafficking Basics, How it can be right in front of your eyes and that Human Trafficking does not discriminate, therefore everyone must remain vigilant. Later on we get to “End It Day” marked with a Red X. You will be included in our discussion to help spread the End It Day mark all over Social Media in support of freedom from slavery. Simone & Tershia will have a little fun which is sure to put a smile on your face, so watch/listen all the way to the end.

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In an effort to create awareness with the younger members of our society, the SPAR Group collaborated with the Sexual Offences and Community Affairs Unit of the NPA and the KZN HHPPB Task Team to create a cartoon educating children about Trafficking in Persons in a non – threatening manner.

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Part 1 |  Workshop Pornography Awareness & Addiction.

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Part 2 | Workshop Human Trafficking Prevention & Awareness in South Africa.

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Part 3 | Message of Hope from a woman who survived and conquered Sexual, Physical and Emotional Abuse,

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Adv. Strydom is the founder and owner of Liberation Legal Consulting, who work with companies from various sectors on assessing their business operation risks on modern slavery and implement preventative and mitigative steps in terms of not only their operations, but also their supply chain.

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Laurie James is a seasoned specialist Offender Profiler/Forensic Criminologist and Certified Security Professional with more than 20 years in Intelligence. She is also a best-selling author and owner of Cybareti.

We speak to Laurie Pieters-James regarding the Dangers of the Cyberworld.  Out of an expert point of view, she explains how Human Trafficking takes place online, how all photographs of children (dressed or undressed) reach the Dark Web within 15 seconds and so much more.  This is a MUST for all Parents and Adults to watch, as she doesn’t dramatize, what she explains is REAL. Her advice is REAL, based on Facts.

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The Can You See Me Campaign was created to bring awareness about Human Trafficking and how easily we miss it.  See more videos on the A21 Website.