Podcast | The Link Between Pornography & Human Trafficking


Tershia de Klerk, host for Trafficking Table Talk with The Joseph Movement interviews Mr Clive Human about the Link between Pornography and Human Trafficking.

Clive Human has been providing counselling and giving talks for the past 25 years about Pornography. Clive is an expert in the field of Pornography and it’s affects on society. He started Standing Together to Oppose Pornography (S.T.O.P) after being addicted to pornography himself.  He gives a short testimony about a paedophile sexually abusing him as a preschooler and how the pornography use already started from age 11.  Watch this incredible interview and see how Pornography directly links to Human Trafficking or listen to it on SoundCloud.

Contact Clive: www.stop.org.za Contact Tershia: connect@josephmovement.org.za