Trafficking Table Talk Podcast with Forensic Criminologist & Specialist Offender Profiler Laurie Pieters-James

Laurie James is a seasoned specialist Offender Profiler/Forensic Criminologist and Certified Security Professional with more than 20 years in Intelligence. She is also a best-selling author of the book: Shattered Lives: The Story of Advocate Barbie (Dirk Prinsloo & Cezanne Visser).

With Tershia de Klerk & Philippa van Coller guiding the discussion, they also explore the possible effects the South African Covid Measures had on Gender-Based Violence, the changes in forms of abuse and exploitation, a complete shift in ways of committing crime, and a whole supply of new criminal recruits.

Laurie Pieters-James explains how they saw an increase in child exploitation, child marriage, and child labour. She also touches on a real well-known Human Trafficking case in which she was a case witness, and of which she authored a book. (The Dirk Prinsloo Advocate Barbie (Cézanne Visser) case.)

This podcast is filled with predators’ tactics, advice for parents, and some statistics and facts such as 100% of photographs of children scantily clothed (posted on social media), hit the dark web in 15 – 20 seconds.

We hope you find this Trafficking Table Talk informative and helpful.

Look out for our Webinar with Laurie on Cyberbullying & Stalking and our next Video Table Talk on 27 April 2022 with Laurie James.

—– Content—–

00:00:00:00 Summary & Contact Info

00:03:34:07 Important Date

00:04:57:17 Trafficking Table Talk Introduction

00:05:49:24 Who is Laurie Peter James & what does Cyberati do

00:09:05:12 What type of victims do you focus on

00:10:41:14 What advice would you give to parents when it comes to online activity and being a responsible online user

00:15:01:01 Statistics of children’s photos on the dark web

00:16:48:02 Is there a way of drawing information from a photograph online

00:17:36:14 How Covid affected crime and criminal statistics

00:18:31:12 Lockdown had a possible 2-pronged effect with the Lockdown & Ban on coping mechanisms

00:2109:13 Intensifying drivers and root causes for Trafficking

00:22:30:24 Covid regulations had a multifaceted impact on children

00:22:57:19 Shift in the informal sector supply chains – less cross-border Trafficking

00:24:21:07 Covid Regulations had a direct effect in Human Trafficking & Rescue missions

00:25:54:00 Family involvement in selling their children or family members plus Stats

00:28:48:12 Current most fertile hunting grounds for predators

00:29:00:23 Is it still “stranger danger”

00:29:50:23 Why a child does not report being exploited

00:32:05:08 SA Counsel for Educators Vetting System

00:34:13:22 Monumental problem regarding the South African Police Services that affect Criminal Background Checks

00:35:00:11 Actual Human Trafficking Case in which Laurie Peter James testified – Dirk Prinsloo Advocate Barbie Case

00:43:32:24 You do not have to live in fear

00:49:06:17 Advice to parents for their online children

00:51:35:24 Is Telegram safer than WhatsApp

00:56:21:24 Online Child Bullying

00:59:20:16 The Dark Web

01:03:05:23 Closing & Final Thoughts

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