Podcast | Trafficking Table Talk | Human Rights & Labour Trafficking South Africa

The Joseph Movement NPC speaks to Advocate Liechen Strydom about Human Rights and Labour Trafficking in South Africa.
Adv. Strydom is the founder and owner of Liberation Legal Consulting, who work with companies from various sectors on assessing their business operation risks on modern slavery and implement preventative and mitigative steps in terms of not only their operations, but also their supply chain.

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00:00:00 – Advocate Liechen Strydom and Liberation Legal Consulting.
00:04:12 – What is the difference between Labour Trafficking, Forced Labour & Debt Bondage.
00:14:06 – What must High School children look out for, keep them safe – Possible Job Scams?
00:22:07 – What are the human rights violations that one should look out for, in a workplace, in order to determine whether you/someone else is being exploited?
00:28:09 – What ripple affects does a war, when it comes to exploitation and Trafficking?
00:33:22 – How do we know if there is Trafficking or Child Trafficking happening in the workplace, this is to follow the Supply Chain.
00:41:43 – Slavery Footprint – what is our Slavery Footprint and where can we go to find out what it is.
00:45:14 – Which South African labour laws are being violated when a person is a victim of Labour Trafficking.
00:53:50 – Last thoughts about Labour Trafficking & Human Rights from Adv. Liechen Strydom and contact information

Take the Slavery Footprint Survey: slaveryfootprint.org/survey/

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