Podcast | Combat Human Trafficking with The Joseph Movement | Summary

Managing Director of The Joseph Movement, Tershia de Klerk, gives us a brief overview of The Organisation, Combatting Human Trafficking and her personal testimony that catapulted her from 15 years of working at Non Profit Organisations in Missions & Pro-Life Spheres, to exposing and educating people about Human Trafficking, also known as Modern-Day Slavery. 

A Testimony that Brought About a Desire to Help Combat Pornography, Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking

“Through spending so much meaningful time with God, He began giving me a much deeper and absolute unconditional love for my husband. And at the same time, my reality began revolving around God and not around a person. I experienced complete forgiveness towards my husband. An absolutely liberating experience. Nevertheless, he did continue with his Pornography struggle… He eventually took his own life.”