Trafficking Table Talk Podcast with Forensic Criminologist & Specialist Offender Profiler Laurie Pieters-James

Laurie James is a seasoned specialist Offender Profiler/Forensic Criminologist and Certified Security Professional with more than 20 years in Intelligence. She is also a best-selling author of the book: Shattered Lives: The Story of Advocate Barbie (Dirk Visser & Cezanne Visser).

With Tershia de Klerk & Philippa van Coller guiding the discussion, they also explore the possible effects the South African Covid Measures had on Gender-Based Violence, the changes in forms of abuse and exploitation, a complete shift in ways of committing crime, and a whole supply of new criminal recruits.

Laurie Pieters-James explains how they saw an increase in child exploitation, child marriage, and child labour. She also touches on a real well-known Human Trafficking case in which she was a case witness, and of which she authored a book. (The Dirk Prinsloo Advocate Barbie (Cézanne Visser) case.)